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Bomi Chile

Centro de Bodegaje Pudahuel:
Camino a Noviciado,
3707 – Pudahuel – Santiago - Chile


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Bomi Chile became operational in 2008 and rapidy increased its market presence serving some of the key players in orthopaedics, IVD, medical devices and sensitive pharma products.

Bomi Chile offers the entire gamut of Bomi Group and services and is spearheaded by a skilled management team, with in-depth knowledge of the MD industry.

Our brand new, state-of-the-art warehouse is located in El Centro de Bodegaje Pudahuel (CBP) in the Nor-Poniente de Santiago district, close to the International Airport. The warehouse is 2.300 m2,  and we planned to extend this capacity to 9.200 m2.

Bomi Chile is able to satisfy urgent delivery requests in the Santiago area, and deliver to all hospitals within 2-4 hours, every day.

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We guarantee the highest standards of service thanks to our compliance with both the KPI (Key Performance Index) of the Bomi Group and ISO 13485:2003 standards.

Our client-centred approach and our willingness to offer tailor-made solutions has the following advantages:

-    For transport and delivery:

  • Guaranteed deliveries of orders within the time required and with the respect of stipulated conditions
  • Full inventory control
  • Transport co-ordination at city and National level
  • Handling of emergencies

-    For costs:

  • Pooling of costs
  • Variable vs fixed logístics costs

Moreover, our company is focusing on the improvement of the Bomi Group as a whole:

  • Staff training in our subsidiary offices
  • Implementation of best practice.