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Field Consignment Stock Inventory

Since 2006, Bomi has conducted operations to count and record the equipment present in the consignment deposit and the deposit of goods for temporary use in hospitals using specialized teams and its own unique management system known as GECOS.

The Consignment Stock contract allows the client to have immediately available  the medical products required, to withdraw them from his deposit according to need and to receive the relevant invoice after use. The suppliers who use this type of contract are well aware of the problems linked to uninvoiced and unordered products, products which have expired, etc.

The Field Consignment Stock Inventory service allows the client to conduct the inventory audit of the consignment deposit in order to assess the situation regarding stock levels and reconciliation. The service can also be provided at periodic intervals in the hospitals most crucial to clients. This allows clients to reduce waste creation, improve product rotation, minimize the number of products past their expiry date and lower the lead time for the re-ordering of medical devices.

Indeed, in the hospitals themselves, where more than 60% of the capital in circulation lies unchecked, a significant share of the working capital is blocked. This in turn creates high implied costs heavily which  impact  upon both the finances and the smooth functioning of the establishment.

Major international auditing companies recognise the service as a third party inventory. This recognition has also been achieved thanks to the GECOS system, which allows goods to be counted in an unbiased, but accurate fashion. Bomi is available to provide its clients with support during meetings with auditors, directors etc.

Over the last year, Bomi has conducted inventories in approximately 250 public and private hospitals across Italy, leading more than 550 inventories in orthopaedics (prosthetics, spinal, trauma), cardiology, ophthalmology and general surgery.

The Field Consignment Stock Inventory process has been certified ISO 9001: 2008.

Loan Management Kit

Those who produce medical devices, particularly in the orthopaedic sector, (trauma, spinal, prosthetics) are well acquainted with the problem of managing the kits in terms of kit rotation, the costs involved in the process in order to satisfy increasingly demanding clients and revenue decreasing with the spending review. Bomi stands as a trustworthy partner for the Loan Management kit, thanks to the knowledge honed over years of experience. This knowledge has lead the company to follow a simplified process, use cutting-edge equipment and a management system which keeps track of devices shipped at all times, and to a employ a checks system in order to minimize the possibility of error.

Our Loan Management kit service is situated in the company’s warehouses in Vaprio and Rome. This was a strategic choice made in order to be closer to the  most important areas for Loan activities. In addition, Bomi is also able to open off shore centres for kit management within a very short space of time whilst still maintaining high levels of performance.

The Loan Management kit process:


  • The kits are collected from hospitals according to the surgery schedules in place


  • The kit is washed using special equipment and products able to eradicate any microbiological residues present
  • A certificate is issued as proof of decontamination


  • Functional checks are conducted on the kits
  • Defects or non-compliance of individual products in the kit are flagged up
  • The kit is refilled with the support of our IT system


  • The kits are collected from hospitals according to the surgery schedules in place
  • The kits are delivered before 08.30 am in order to ensure that they are ready to be sterilized and used in the morning’s operations
  • Delivery to the ward or to the person named by the client

These processes are ISO certified 9001:2001 and the activities conducted comply with both manufacturers requirements and current regulations.

Stock Satellite Solution

The Stock Satellite service allows the medical device producer to reduce the quantity of equipment in the consignment stock. This is particularly relevant for the equipment which does not need to be present on the hospital site but which can be concentrated into one stock and delivered within an established deadline at any time of day or night. Bomi also supports the manufacturer in the design of an organizational model using stock satelites.

This service offers the following advantages:

  • It eradicates or decreases the quantity of products in the consignment deposit
  • It centralises and controls both the tecnicians’ warehouse and the sales force warehouse
  • It allows optimal stock management providing accurate and timely information to both the client and the sales force
  • Urgent deliveries within two hours of the request 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the area between Rome and Milan
  • Controlled entry of goods into the warehouse, providing technicians and the sales force with the possibility of receiving goods at home

Web–Software Gecos


Software Gecos

The web-based software Gecos is the platform for the management of all the services listed hitherto. More specifically, the Gecos Inventory System was developed internally by our IT department in order to deal with planning, inventory management and reconciliation. Furthermore, clients are able to access the system in order to see the results of the inventories conducted.

  • It's a software developed internally by Bomi’s IT department
  • It is able to read products displaying a barcode and to minimize the risk of human error
  • It produces personalized reports with on-the-spot reconciliation (for each article, batch and movement document)
  • The results of the inventory are issued via the web-based system within 24 hours of the count being conducted