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The objective of the network is to provide specialized healthcare services which adhere to high quality standards, and which are capable of continually increasing the level of customers satisfaction achieved.

In order to achieve this objective, we have adopted a global quality strategy which constantly strives to improve every aspect of our work. As part of this strategy, all validation, control and quality processes can be audited by customers, are certified by external bodies and play a fundamental role in guaranteeing the integrity of the products, their use and sale.

Management process

The management process is designed with medical and diagnostic products requiring scrupulous attention in mind, and comprises the following phases:

  • reception of goods with customer-specific service and fixed contacts for each client
  • room and controlled temperature storage
  • picking, control of references, batches, deadlines and quantities
  • ISO 13485:2003 certified kit assembling (on request)
  • packing, further control of every product and careful re-packaging
  • management of shipments completed with the necessary documents
  • delivery to hospitals, laboratories, clinics and pharmacies and tracing, using the online track & tracing system

Compliance monitoring

Process compliance monitoring is a process designed to safeguard quality in the medical sector. It is based on statistical methods (service quality index, transport quality index, KPI) and conducted by means of:

  • internal audits
  • management of complaints and the cases of non-compliance found within the company or outside it by customers and certification bodies
  • continual monitoring of customer satisfaction through meetings and periodic conference calls with  the customers themselves
  • continual training of operators and evaluation of their performance through questionnaires or interviews
  • process change management
  • process risk analysis assessment
  • validation of the controlled temperature storage process
  • validation of the software used

Report and key performance indicators

Monitoring is a fundamental part of procedures designed to safeguard the integrity of products and the quality of services offered. Every customer receives periodic reports on their orders. These reports include:

  • confirmation that an order has been received
  • order preparation times
  • internal activity quality statistics
  • transport quality and delivery time statistics

Furthermore, in order to assess the efficacy and efficiency of the work accomplished and the extent to which we have achieved the objectives outlined above, we have established the following key performance indicators (KPI):

  • monitoring of product reception and confirmation times
  • order preparation times
  • rotation inventories of which appropriate financial evaluations are conducted
  • transport quality and delivery time statistics
  • customized reports.

Finally, in order to further the growth of our company and of those with whom we work, our operation is underpinned by a win-win logic: our clients’ successes are our owns and offer the opportunity for a continual exchange of knowledge and experience – an opportunity which must be fully exploited.