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Bomi Peru

Biomedical Logistics S.A.C.

Centro Logístico Portada de Lurín
Almacén G05
Carretera Panamericana Sur Km. 38
Punta Hermosa, Lima, Peru


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In response to several years of growth of the Peruvian healthcare industry, and consequently to the increasing demand on specialized logistics services, BOMI PERU was incorporated in January 2014.

Considering the present need of high logistics services standards, as well as the potential future growth of the healthcare sector, we have located our warehouse within the logistic complex “Portada de Lurin” in Punta Hermosa, Lima, only 25 minutes South of the city.  This location allows us to efficiently serve any destination within Lima, and has the space available to accommodate our growth according to our customers’ needs.

Within its 3,000 m2, BOMI PERU provides services as:

  • Storage under controlled temperature
    • Up to +30ºC
    • Between +15ºC and +25ºC
    • Between +2ºC and +8ºC
    • Up to -20ºC
  • Labelling and kitting
  • Transport management and distribution
  • Consignment stock
  • Virtual branch

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With 30 years of international experience exclusively focused on logistics services for the healthcare industry, we understand the best available processes for our customers’ supply-chain challenges.  Using all BOMI’s network and experience, BOMI PERU is able to develop tailor-made logistics solutions in alignment with our customers’ strategy and requirements.

By relying on our services, our customers obtain all the benefits of outsourcing, like turning fixed into variable logistics costs. Furthermore they also benefit of our in-depth knowledge of Peruvian healthcare regulations and legislation, which allows us to support them as they deal with bureaucratic and regulatory matters.

Through the combination of our global experience and our qualified local human resources, at BOMI PERU we truly “think globally and act locally”.  Our staff is trained at our offices, and guided by our customer-centered approach, in order to innovate and locally adapt best practices that generate value to our customers.

In addition to our experienced and flexible solution development process, our execution adheres to rigorous quality standards, and is supported by high-technology systems like our proprietary WMS.  Being our own Sotfware, BOMI’s WMS can be adapted to our customers’ requirements by our internal team of qualified technical consultants.

As a partner for our customers, we constantly share with them the performance indicators of our services, like the BOMI KPI (Key Performance Index).  With the permanent support of our dedicated customer service executives, this exchange allows us to reinforce a continuous improvement cycle that guarantees all our medical, hospital and pharmaceutical customers, the high value service they need and deserve.

As your partner, BOMI PERU is not just a logistic supplier. We develop highly specialized logistics solutions for your healthcare business.