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Information systems

We believe it is essential to invest continually in ICT tools and solutions in order to consolidate quality and reinforce the service provided. The group as a whole has developed an advanced platform with this aim in mind. The platform connects our clients’ IT systems with Bomi, and provides information in real-time through the web in order to simplify procedures and processes, reduce costs and improve productivity, efficiency and monitoring.

Our software was researched and developed following an in-depth analysis of the requirements of the hundreds of companies that have worked with us over the years: almost all activities related to the specific nature of products in the healthcare sector are managed by our WMS( Warehouse Management System).

We offer a myriad of different solutions, all able to interact with the most popular ERPs (SAP, BPC S, Movex, JD Edwards, MFG Pro, Oracle..). Furthermore, our applications can assist our customers with processes such as: Change Management, Busi in a dashboard, Claim Management and Track & Trace.

Business continuity

Bomi is fully covered by a redundant disaster recovery system: servers are placed in protected “server farms”, 20km away from the company warehouses. This allows us to minimize any risks associated with environmental disasters. In some countries two farms are used, along with a mirroring system providing real-time updates and using optical fiber data transmission lines.

Supply chain visibility & integration

In order to offer value-added service and improve the management of services, orders and logistics, we support supply chain visibility. We do this by making a web portal available to our clients. This platform offers track & tracing and complaint management services and facilitates the sharing of key performance indicators (KPI) are shared in a transparent way. This in turn allows us to assess the extent to which we have achieved the objectives set and to measure the efficacy and efficiency of the work completed.


In addition to consolidating the use of radiofrequency, we continue to optimize the use of vehicle localization, both independently and in partnership with clients. This allows us to support cold chain management and design new web and mobile solutions in order to complete unexpected orders and respond to changes in demand.

Special services

We offer a special service to companies and hospitals, whereby products are sold “in consignment”: As part of this service, a dedicated software which we designed and developed independently and specifically for purpose, (Gecos) manages the stocks present in operating theatres and/or hospital departments. In doing so, it provides both companies and hospitals a complete picture of the stocks at their disposal, in real time.  Our specialized teams also provide an inventory service, performing inventories themselves on site within hospitals.