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Transport Management Service

The transport services, highly specialized and carefully tailored to the healthcare sector, include transport at both room and controlled temperature for medical products, diagnostics products, equipment used for in vitro diagnosis (IVD) and reagents.

Bomi offers:

  • Shipments at room temperature
  • Shipments at controlled temperature
  • Shipments of technological equipment and apparatus
  • Shipments of ADR dangerous products
  • Air, sea and road shipments
  • Shipments to hospital premises, analytical laboratories, clinics and the patient's home
  • National and international shipments (IMP/EXP)

Integrated logistics system

We offer our clients an evaluation of the integrated logistics system: we pinpoint their critical needs and offer the solutions best suited to these needs in order to produce a high quality service while keeping transport costs to a minimum.

Bomi has its own individual transport network and is thus able to meet any requirement which may arise:

Bomi manages shipments through its own trucks and a network of couriers. These couriers are selected by the company itself, work exclusively for it and are reliable and efficient. Managing shipments in this way, Bomi offers competitive tariffs for the transport of medical devices and healthcare products at both room and controlled temperature. Thanks to the volumes accrued, Bomi is always able to offer the best solution at the lowest price.

Distribution of medical and diagnostic devices at both room and controlled temperature

Bomi transports shipments using caulked and refrigerated vehicles. The firm thus guarantees that the goods handled remain at the temperature required (- 20 °C; +2+8°C; + 8+25°C ). Vehicles are also equipped with a hydraulic sideboard, ideal for the unloading of goods at hospitals, clinics, analytical laboratories and clients’ own homes.

Distribution of equipment and deliveries to hospitals, clinics and homes.

Bomi offers a service in which technological equipment and apparatus are delivered to hospitals and clinics. As part of this service, the company conducts the appropriate inspections in order to guarantee an adequate assessment of the specific instructions to be followed during the delivery.

Bomi offers a dedicated service, with guaranteed market yield times, for deliveries to hospitals, care homes, pharmacies and patients at home.

Distribution of spare parts, dangerous products and products requiring particular precautionary measures to be taken during distribution and transport

Bomi offers a delivery service for products classed as dangerous under the ADR regime. In order to provide this service, it draws upon the support of trained personnel with expert knowledge of the regulations which govern the transport of such products by road, air and sea.

Track & Tracing

We offer a Track & Tracing sevice for all shipments.

Delivery outcome and proof of delivery signed by the recipient are available online and in real time.