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The medical technologies market is known to be a globalized market.

In order to be competitive and able to grow, businesses are increasingly required to present on all markets and not solely on the domestic market where they first came into being and where their headquarters of production are located.

Establishing an international presence, in particular for SMEs, often requires the outlay of vast sums of money, but also the ability to grasp the rules of access for the market where they wish to export. These rules can be either technical or fiscal in nature and, if not correctly interpreted, can often become barriers which prove difficult to overcome.

In fact, almost all countries outside the EU have their own regulations which tend to require both the local registration of devices and the payment of customs duties which vary according to the type of device in question and its import status (finished, semi-finished or bulk product.) Another significant problem is that of labelling, given that every country normally requires labels to be printed in the national language and often the inclusion of some additional information pursuant to local standards.

 In addition to resolving regulatory issues, any business wishing to export must tackle the other area crucial to success: marketing and commercial activities. It must also choose whether to establish a direct or an indirect presence on a given market and evaluate the advantages and risks attached to each of these two options, as well as the costs involved.

The Bomi Virtual Branch proposal

Bomi offers companies interested in exporting in the countries where they has an operational base, an innovative service which allows to rapidy establish their own on-site operative base and provides them with the support of consultants. The aim of the services is to help these businesses to obtain all authorizations necessary for market access and become operational in a short space of time.

The Bomi Virtual Branch proposal involves providing all businesses interested with the possibility of activating one of their legal entities on site, drawing support from the Bomi facilities already in place. Businesses are also able to make use of all logistical authorization already obtained and turn to a consolidated network of consultants for support. This thus enables them to obtain the authorizations necessary in order to import and market goods as quickly as possible, as well as helping them to identify the best way to obtain the most competitive customs tariffs and duties. 

In partnership with the other services which Bomi offers, the Virtual Branch allows businesses to have immediate access to the following:

  • warehouse management
  • checkand guarante of inventories
  • transport
  • “nationalization” of the device
  • re-labelling in the local language and in accordance with national standards
  • kitting
  • order entry
  • invoicing
  • management of devices in consignment
  • handling of surgical instruments, including delivery and collection from the operating theatre
  • decontamination, washing and checking of surgical instruments
  • special 24h, 7/7 services

IT Support

All activities are supported by an IT system which is managed directly by Bomi. The system uses its own dedicated, certified and multilingual softwares which can be interfaced with the ERP of any business and software managed in a controlled and protected environment.

To all clients who entrust Bomi with the management of their warehouse and the activities listed above, the company can offer a service whereby sales statistics, broken down according to recipient and product delivered are produced, along with spaces providing technical assistance and device maintenance support.

All of these activities are always carried out in full respect of environmental standards relating to the disposal of packaging and waste produced as a result of the logisitics operations conducted.

Additional services

Bomi can also make a network of qualified consultants available to its clients. These consultants can provide the following services:

  • Accounting
  • Administration
  • Taxation
  • HR
  • Reimbursement
  • Credit collection
  • Products registration

These specialized consultants can be used to aid the search for dealers and/ or qualified members of staff.By making use of these services, companies can focus their attention and resources on marketing and commercial activities without having anything else to worry about. They have their own on-site branch, paying only variable operating costs. No fixed operating costs must be borne by the client, who nevertheless receives a 100% guarantee of total control over the management of his product.

The advantages of the Bomi proposal

In summary, the Bomi Virtual Branch proposal allows:

  • The market access process to be shortened
  • Costs to be reduced and controlled
  • Maximum flexibility in terms of operating and growth
  • A guarantee of quality and compliance with local laws