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Privacy policy

It is of primary importance for Bomi Group to protect the security and privacy of any personal data, so we will not disclose your personal data or any other personal data provided by you to us to any third party, in accordance with the laws currently in force on the protection and security of personal data.

1)      Personal Data

Through this website, Bomi Group does not collect any personal information unless such information is provided voluntarily. Any consent may be revoked at any time. The user has the right to exercise all the rights mentioned in Section 7 Leg. Dec. 196/03, including the rights of data access, updating, objects to data processing and cancellation at any time and without penalty.


2)      Processing personal data: aims and methods of treatment

According to the Leg. Dec. 196/03 named “Code concerning the protection of personal data”, we indicate below the aims and methods of treatment for the user’s personal data eventually given to our website.

According to the Section 13 of the law cited above, The user’s data may be object of data processing (as defined in Section 4, paragraph 1, letter A), with the purposes of:

  • legal obligations related to civil, tax, accounting norms etc.; administrative, organizational and financial management, fulfillment of any contractual obligations, support and technical information about products and services exchanged;
  • assistance during the contractual relationship for the services provided, verification of user satisfaction, marketing analysis and statistics;
  • information on future commercial activities and advertisements on new services and offers, byourselves and by ourconsociates;
  • promotional activities and advertisements  destined to the market;
  • Analysis and economic - financial evaluations.


3)      The data will be processed in full compliance of the current legislation with the aid of suitable instruments to guarantee the security and confidentiality the user may need. This can be performed using automated tools to store, manage and transmit the data.


4)      If the user refuses to answer, Bomi Group may not be able to process the data for the purposes written above, in particular the administration of the business relationship (except legal or contractual obligations.).


5)      The data communication concerning the users can involve the followings subjects:

  • natural or legal persons that provide specific services: data processing; System, infrastructure and applications management;  Control and review of business companies and budget data; Logistics services; Surveys about the customer satisfaction; Counseling; Organization of conventions and exhibitions;
  • business brokers, banks and lending institutions, brokerage firms, natural or legal persons responsible for credit recovery, certified financial statement and quality systems, assurances.


6)      We assure you that, in any way, only the necessary and relevant data are transferred to the subjects mentioned above, according to their purposes of treatment.


7)      We inform the user that, in relation to the points mentioned above, he can exercise his rights under Section 7, Leg. Dec. 196/03.


8)      Data relating to the use or communication

When using the telecommunication services that allow the user to access to our website, the details about the type of communication (e.g. IP address) the utilization (e.g. information on the beginning, end and extent of each access, the information about the telecommunication services used) are technically generated and they could be plausibly related to personal data. The collection and the processing of those data will only achieved when needed and it will be performed in accordance with the Leg. Dec. 196/03.


9)      Automatic Collection of Non-personal Information

When the user is using our website, some information are collected automatically from the system (even without registration);  however, these  do not lead to the user himself (e.g. type of internet browser and OS used, website domains that linked to the website Bomi Group, number of visits, average time spent, pages viewed). Bomi Group may use these information and share them worldwide with our other companies, in order to verify the use of our website and improve its performances and contents.

10)   “Cookie” – a.k.a. information memorized automatically on the user PC.
When the user surfs on our website, his computer might store some data under the name of “cookie” to recognise the PC automatically. Cookies can help us in different ways, e.g. they allow us to change the website to better match the user’s interests or to save his password. If the user doesn’t  wish to receive cookies, he needs to configure his internet browser in order to erase all the cookies from his hard disk, to block them or alert every time a cookie is saved.


11)   Links to Other Websites

On our website, The user can find hyperlinks to other websites, intended to provide a better service to our users. Bomi Group is not in any way responsible for the information contained on those sites the users may access through our website. The existence of a hyperlink to another website does not imply, therefore, an approval or acceptance of responsibility by Bomi Group about the content of the new website accessed, in relation to the policy adopted for the handling and utilization of personal data.